Do Not Postpone Your Dental Treatment!

We know that hearing that you need additional treatment or restorative dental work can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. Especially if the tooth that needs treatment isn’t currently causing you any trouble or discomfort. We have patients who ask us if the procedure is really necessary if they aren’t feeling any pain and the answer is yes!

Below are a few of the important reasons that you should never postpone dental treatments:

  • Your Dental Problems Will Only Get Worse – Almost every dental issue will get worse with time. Not only does this mean that the pain level will increase, but it also means that a problem that is relatively simple to fix today may become a much larger procedure the longer you put it off. The larger the procedure, the more money you may end up spending to get the problem fixed. It will be easier on you and your pocketbook to take care of these issues sooner rather than later.
  • Decay Can Worsen Rapidly – If you come in early enough and we catch a spot of decay, chances are it’s only affected the enamel of the tooth. But the longer the decay is allowed to burrow into the tooth, the more layers of the tooth it will effect. Once it moves to the pulp of the tooth, your problem has gone from a simple filling to a root canal, or even a tooth extraction. Neither of these procedures are especially pleasant.
  • Reasons For Hesitation – We commonly hear patients express doubts about treatment for reasons like cost and dental anxiety. We absolutely understand both of these factors and are sympathetic to them. However, as we stated above, problems will only get more expensive to fix. The more preventative treatments are more likely to be covered in part by your insurance, as well. As for dental anxiety, we have many ways to put you at ease. Please let us know of any fears you may have so that we can address them.

We understand the inclination to postpone dental treatment. But we would like you to know about the negative effects it will have on your overall dental health. If you’re currently procrastinating any recommended dental work, we’d like to encourage you to call Front Range Smiles today and set up an appointment!

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