Sports Guards/Mouth Guards


Did you know that 40% of sports injuries involve the face and mouth? In fact, every single year around 5 million teeth are knocked out during sporting activities! Luckily, wearing a sports guard or a mouth guard when playing sports or during any physical activity can greatly reduce the risk of tooth loss and concussion!

Benefits of a mouth guard:

    • A mouth guard helps absorb and distribute the impact of a hit to the face. Even one that could normally lead to trauma to the mouth or jaw can leave you just feeling sore instead of needing an emergency dental appointment!
    • A custom-fit mouth guard protects the soft tissues in your mouth from cuts and lacerations by shielding the tongue, lips, gums, and cheeks.
    • Your mouth guard serves as a shock absorber. It will take the force from an impact, and can even help to shield your brain from concussion by greatly decreasing the impact of a strike to the lower jaw.
    • A mouth guard will help protect your jaw joints from becoming broken or dislocated by supporting and cushioning the lower jaw against your skull and behaving as a cushion between your lower and upper jaws.

      We recommend a sports guard for anyone (kids or adults!) who play full, limited or non-contact sports.

      Please contact Front Range Smiles to talk more about sports guards!

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